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iCraft 1.0


iCraft Family Day

Jom, come to join us at our  “Culture, Creative and parenting” GameFest
We prepare. . .
★ Stage performance
★ Parenting Massage for improving relationship with your kids
★ Picture book trick and tips sharing
★ Marketplace for parenting and family
There have fun, excited, and meaningful kids games for your kids
we also prepare 250++ prize gifts for games participants 
GoodiesBag (160 servings)
Rewards for game-winners (50 copies)
Lucky draw (50 copies)
Besides fun games, gifts. Most important, This is quality time for you and your kids
① Create good moments for your kids
② Reminiscing childhood times
③ family bonding 
④ Cultural inheritance
⑤ Promote creative education
iCraft vision is to create strong relationships between parents and kids as well as promote that kids should learn and improve through gamified activities.